Project 01

renewable energy solution for lake victoria (RESOLVE)

The project is a multidisciplinary project currently being implemented by OSIENALA (Friends of Lake Victoria) in collaboration with Renewable World (UK) and seeks to help communities living in off-grid energy supply areas increase their community capacity in access to renewable and associated income generating activities such as small scale irrigation systems that support agribusiness.

The project was implemented at Luanda Rombo and Got Kachola beaches in the first phase and the sites were increased in the second phase to include Ng’ore, Rasila, Tabla and Ragwe beaches.The project was funded to a tune of KES 1,824,333 in the first phase and KES 2,412,612 in the second phase which will end in June 2017.

project 02

Green Forest Social Initiative

In the year 2008, OSIENALA in partnership with Stichting Het-Groene Woudt (SHGW), a foundation based in Netherlands and International Child Support (ICS), came up with an integrated model combining; a commercial tree farming enterprise and a social initiative focusing on promoting small-holder tree farming, community livelihood projects and civic driven child development. 


The project dubbed Green Forest Social Initiative (GFSI) was implemented by investing in the establishment of commercial tree estates on the trust lands, building factories as well as guaranteeing the market of products. Under this initiative, over one million trees were planted in Gwassi. Hundreds of hectares of the aloe gardens and over fifty tree nurseries were established. A secondary school was also constructed to promote education of the girl child.

Project 03


This project goal is to enhance communities’ capability to cope with current climate variability/risks and is being implemented by OSIENALA in partnership with Sustainable Watch Kenya (Suswatch) in Wawidhi ward of Nyando Subcounty and Central Rachuonyo ward in Rachuonyo Sub-County.The project is being funded by Sustainable energy from Denmark for a period of one years (2016/2017) to a tune of DKK 337,500 (about KES 5M) in two phases June-December 2017 and January-June 2018.



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